Paper presented at Amherst, Massachusetts, Oct 2015.
40 Years After: Chinua Achebe & Africa in the Global Imagination.
Amherst College Seminar
Audio of The Empty Page Poem, from Memories of StoneThe Empty Page, poem
Videopoem, Sudan, Sudan, by Chuma Nwokolo Amherst College Seminar

Audio of Yellow Dungarees Poem, from Memories of StoneYellow Dungarees, the poem
Reading The Ghost of Sani Abacha,
Writing on the Wall Literary Festival, Liverpool, 2012.
The WOW Festival,

Audio The Bridge over the River Clan
Reading The Final Testament of a Minor God, at Africa Writes Festival, London, 2014.
RAS & British Library/
credits, Adewale Adeyinka/Banke Ogundairo
Africa Writes Festival,
TV interview with Buchi Madu. Capital Punishment for Corporate Corruption code The Bottom Line