The Disappeared:
People who have been secretly abducted and imprisoned or killed by a government or military, often for political reasons, and who have neither been found, nor their bodies recovered.

  1. Where is Dadiyata, the Nigerian lecturer and social media voice also known as Abubakar Idris?
  2. Is he still alive following his 2nd August 2019 abduction from his home in Kaduna?
  3. Can he breathe?
  4. Were his abductors private sector or public sector kidnappers?
  5. Were the weapons used in his abduction paid for by Nigerian tax payers?
  6. If Dadiyata was kidnapped by private sector kidnappers for ransom, why was no ransom demand ever made?
  7. Are Newspaper reports that he was seen on the night of his abduction being bundled into the Kaduna premises of the State Security Services (SSS, aka DSS) credible?
  8. Is the SSS’ denial of involvement in the abduction credible, in the light of its MO of secret abduction and incommunicado detention for years on end?
  9. Was Dadiyata abducted for offences against Nigeria or for offending an influential individual (like Abdulahi Ahmadu, who was abducted into secret SSS detention since 2013 [by court affidavit, allegedly at the behest of an individual])?
  10. If Dadiyata was indeed abducted by state operatives for offences known to law, why has he not been charged to court, 11 months and 1 week afterwards?
  11. If Dadiyata was kidnapped by civil servants, are they aware that when sanity returns to Nigeria their chain of command can be charged under the same laws that punish private sector kidnappers?
  12. Do Dadiyata’s abductors, if they are civil servants, know that Enforced Disappearances, as part of a systematic campaign against civilians, is a Crime against Humanity as adopted by the UN General Assembly and under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court?
  13. Do Dadiyata’s abductors, if they are civil servants, know that illegal ‘orders from above’ may be no defence to charges of Crimes against Humanity?
  14. Do Dadiyata’s abductors, if they are civil servants, know that the penalty for kidnapping (ten years to death) offers no discount to ‘civil servants’?
  15. Is a catering contractor somewhere, earning N3.5million monthly to feed Dadiyata?
  16. Is Dadiyata hungry, like some of the 7,000 people who died in military detention (between 2011 and 2015), some of who died from starvation?
  17. Will Dadiyata ever see his young children and family again?
  18. Do kidnappers in the Nigerian Civil Service enjoy the knowledge that the unending agonies of families whose relatives Disappear is often worse than the suffering of families whose relatives die and are mourned once and for all?
  19. Was Dadiyata’s opposition politics a factor in his abduction?
  20. Is Dadiyata’s Disappearance a warning shot to critics of the government/s of the day?
  21. Is Dadiyata still breathing?
  22. Is the police investigation into Dadiyata’s Disappearance still open?
  23. Can the Nigerian Police effectively investigate cases involving other security arms of government, especially the SSS and access the comprehensive list of all detainees in all SSS facilities underground and above ground?
  24. Is there any effective oversight by the National Assembly or any other body in respect of any allegation of abuse by the SSS?
  25. Is the Nigerian Police afraid of other security arms of government, especially in the light of tragic incidents like the killing of investigating policemen by soldiers on the Ibi Road?
  26. Can the Disappearance of critics of the federal, Kaduna, Kano and other state governments be investigated with the same zeal as the Disappearance of government supporters?
  27. Is Dadiyata Covid-19 free?
  28. Can he breathe without a ventilator?
  29. Are Police resources spent investigating the Disappearance of Dadiyata a waste since the SSS sometimes operates as a supra-constitutional body that routinely ignores court orders?
  30. Is Dadiyata blinded in a torture chamber somewhere?
  31. Is Dadiyata lying in a shallow grave somewhere?
  32. Does the Nigerian government know that “Disappearances” are banned in all situations, and according to the United Nations’ Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, “No circumstances whatsoever, whether a threat of war, a state of war, internal political instability. . . may be invoked to justify enforced disappearances”?
  33. Is the abduction of Dadiyata a new page in the playbook of opinion censorship by politicians and security operatives in Nigeria’s 21st Century?
  34. Should Nigerians bury Dadiyata in the same grave of memory in which other Disappeared Nigerians who were killed extra-judicially by civil servants like SARS, the army and others are buried?
  35. How many other ‘Disappeared’ Nigerians are in Dadiyata’s dungeon, or grave?
  36. Is Dadiyata in an underground dungeon like Jones Abiri; or in the same cell with Felix Adika who was abducted by the SSS on 27/2/16, and held incommunicado for years with his family unaware of his location and whether he was living or dead?
  37. Does the government know that Enforced Disappearance, by illegally targeting individuals that the state has a duty to protect, in order to instill fear in a target population beyond the direct victim, is a totalitarian tool of terror; and countries that employ the tool can be considered terrorist states where the rule of law is a figment?
  38. Is Dadiyata still breathing?
  39. Will Dadiyata still be a Disappeared person by the first anniversary of his abduction on 2nd August, and on the International Day for Disappeared Persons on 30th August?
  40. How long will Dadiyata remain a member of the multi-ethnic Nigerian ‘tribe’ of #TheDisappeareds, which includes Isa Umar, Gabriel Ogbu, Ibrahim Shadrake, Tonye Leventis, Joshua Golubos, Cobham Daniel, the unlucky Lucky Andrew, dozens of abducted Niger-Delta youths, IMN and IPOB sympathisers, some of whom have been incommunicado up to five years?
  41. Are the abductors of Dadiyata aware of the provisions of the International Convention for the Protection of all persons from Enforced Disappearance probibiting state involvement in Disappearances?
  42. Is the knee of a torturer on Dadiyata’s neck right now?
  43. Can Dadiyata breathe?
  44. Is President Buhari shocked by the Disappearance of citizens like Dadiyata?
  45. Have the pan-Nigerian ‘tribe’ of #TheDisappeareds been stripped of their Fundamental Human Rights to life (s.33), dignity of the person (s.34), liberty (s.35), fair hearing (s.36), private and family life (s.37), thought and conscience (s.38), expression (s.39) and movement (s.41) under the Constitution with the knowledge and connivance, or on the direct instructions of elected politicians?
  46. Is a deep state of bureaucrats, who are not accountable to elected politicians, responsible for the Disappearance of citizens like Dadiyata?
  47. Are there any moral, legal, practical or mental health differences – as far as victims, families and the general public are concerned – between abductions by private sector kidnappers like Boko Haram/kidnappers for ransom (KFRs), and Enforced Disappearances by civil servants?
  48. Is Nigeria still a constitutional democracy if agencies like the SSS can abduct citizens, sentence them to indefinite imprisonment at secret locations hidden from family and lawyers, while ignoring Court orders to release them?
  49. How long should a husband and father Disappear before his babies forget his face and his wife can consider herself a widow?
  50. How many annoying articles, posts or questions can a citizen tweet before he becomes liable to Disappear forever in Nigeria?

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