'God is Great, God is Great'


God is with us still, to judge from the Name on every tongue.

He is there when hands rise in Benediction. He is also there when hatchets rise in murder. He is the inspiration for the raising of cathedrals, he is also the inspiration for their razing to the ground. In the prayer, in the oath, in the offerings and the tithes, He is the Headline and the sub-text, the reason and the Client.

And it is alleged that when Mr. Uzonma Attang, former Chief Accountant with the Police Pensions Fund chose to embezzle N1, 141,309,080.25 of the money entrusted to her, she did it by writing 1042 cheques made out to her corporate vehicles with names like Royal Diadem Business Logistics Ltd, and Amazing Grace Property Development Company.

Although Isaiah 62.3 says:

You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

This was surely not what the prophet had in mind. 

Jesus Saves Street, Immanuel Concrete Industries, Grace and Truth Plaza… the saintly names multiply, and so do our iniquities… it is enough to cry out for a moratorium on ‘holy enterprise’.

‘God is Great, God is Great…’ cries the bomb- and machete-wielding fellows looking for their own memorial newspaper headlines. Perhaps. But what is certain is that these unmentionable idiots crying His name are neither godly nor great.

They are murderers. 

3 Replies to “A Moratorium on Holy Enterprise”

  1. Tochukwu Madueke says:

    Wished gmail had a like button.
    Poignant and true.
    Well said Chuma.

  2. Tope Aina says:

    Dear Chuma

    These were the exact thoughts that crossed my mind when I saw the machete wielding extremists who cut down a young man in his youth.
    The worst crimes have been conducted in the name of the Most High all through the history of man.
    Its a pity.


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