Here’s the reason why… and  a notice from the organisers of a London Protest March… See you there.

Why Nigerians in London must defy all odds to attend the mass protest on Friday January 15, 2010

Nigeria is in perhaps the worst shape in its approximately fifty-year history. The country lurches from one dispiriting news to another, leaving its citizens close to despair. Recent policy decisions by the Barack Obama administration indicate that Nigeria is now perceived as a pariah state and haven of terror, its citizens regarded as potential terrorists. In the midst of such troubling developments, the members of Nigeria’s political and economic ruling class continue their pursuit of odious privileges and obscene accumulation of the nation’s resources. These unconscionable men and women conspire against the nation’s corporate interests and further impoverish the majority of citizens.
Through the first decade of the 21st century, Nigeria’s potential was subverted by the pervasive corruption, arrogance, disdain and visionlessness of its so-called leaders. Sadly, at the threshold of the century’s second decade, the illegitimate wielders of power in Abuja have again set Nigeria further down the wrong road. Instead of hope, Nigerians are being served, once again, inexcusable ineptitude, dishonesty and outright disrespect for the wishes of the larger majority. These maladies are signposts to another wasted decade.

It is up to Nigerians to resist this dire augury. It is the collective task of all Nigerians, at home and abroad, to stand up and oppose the treachery of those bent on destroying their country. It is time we all made a commitment to expose, and combat, the idiocy and madness of the cabal that holds Nigeria hostage.

This is a time when history beckons on Nigerians to save Nigeria, to defend their country against the small but vicious band of bandits. If we fail, we will have ourselves to blame.

The time to act is Now! We invite you to come out and hold hands with other Nigerians to say, “Enough is enough!”

The “Enough is Enough” march is on Friday, January 15, 2010. Venue Kick off time 12pm to 3pm Parliament Square Westminster, London SW1P 3, UK 12pm prompt please click on link for map.

2nd Phase

Kick off time 3pm to 6pm.

Nigerian High commission near Parliament Square, Westminster, London SW1P 3, UK

Click on map please:

We invite all Nigerians and friends of Nigeria to come. Nothing can be more important.


Weather forecast for Friday 15th January 2019 .

Cloudy and light rain

Max Temperature

Max: 6°C 43°F
Max: 5°C 41°F

We advise you dress warm, hand gloves and woolly head cover will help. Those who may have hot tea flask should also consider bringing it along. The weather will not stop us from marching for our people back home and the future of our children.

Please click on map

Further to our earlier information on the proposed London March/Rally slated for Friday 15th January 2010, please be informed that the following Individuals will deliver speeches at the March/Rally:

Dr Tunde BAKARE, Pastor and Preacher
Hon. Wale OSHUN, Former Member, House of Reps
Kayode OGUNDAMISI, Political activist and convener NLF
Abdul MAHMUD, Lawyer and Former President NANS
Zainab Buba GALADIMA youth activist
Abby OJO, Lawyer and Founder UPCINN
Chuma NWOKOLO, Lawyer and writer
Garba Sani
Representatives of UK based Nigerian organizations including:

Nigeria Liberty Forum

Unity and Positive Change in New Nigeria
Champions for Nigeria
Arise Nigeria
Women of Africa

Kick Out Corruption
Citizens for Change.

And many others
Join the march. Save Nigeria today and forever

Ken Eneduwa-George

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