The Abba Kyari/Hushpuppy soap opera is accurate Nigeriana.

My short story, The Ransom Letters of Sisi Eko, begins:

‘Dear Mr. Bomb,

Thank you for your letter. Don’t worry, I’m not mad so I won’t go to the Police. The bribe I paid them 2 years ago for my stolen car which they never recovered is still vexing me.’

How to Spell Naija, Vol. 1 (Ebook) – Chuma Nwokolo

Whether it is robbery victims ‘fuelling’ police cars for the gallant men to ‘swing into action’, or ‘businessmen’ greasing cops to persecute rivals, these payments, ranging from extortion to bribery, will remain a systemic Nigerian fact of life.

Until #Bribecode comes.

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  1. I am Chux says:

    Bribe Code, don’t we have it? Even if it is not coded in our laws we know what is bribe, yes we know and I think our laws know. Let’s not pretend as if we don’t know.


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