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Hi Regi,

No I’m not doing anything after 6pm tomorrow… what do you have in mind? There aren’t a whole lot of options for brethren who meet accidentally at a mechanic’s, are there?

And you don’t need to worry about me not showing up. I don’t know how to tell you this, but I just found out that Sylvia has a secret bank account. And this is someone who is a signatory to all my accounts. Not saying I want to sign on to her account of course, but the fact that she hid it from me… well, I was pretty upset, I have to say.

If I knew what I know now, I’d have so faked that heart attack!

Looking forward to tomorrow -& avoid the overhead bridge into Daleto, traffic will be tight.

See you soon, Regi.




My darling,

Would you prefer she had a secret email affair? 🙂

I’m glad there won’t be an emergency trip to the hair salon tomorrow evening, Sou, but don’t get stuff mixed up: the fact that you need a quarrel with Sylvia to meet with me does not flatter me at all. I know this is your first extra-marital fling, but you really shouldn’t spend our time together updating me on what your missis has been up to. I’ll drop a single Ralphism in this email, tell me how if feels.

BTW, what’s up tiger? Why am I the only one using the ‘darling’ word? I drop it now and again and you never pick it up… Come on, Sou, loosen up, I won’t report you to you-know-who ;-). Just kidding though, I think you’re a star… what you said about my voice yesterday had me smiling. Ralph actually commented and I had to lie and say it was his potbelly that was funny – he was standing in the shower at the time… okay I’ll stop already, but you get the Sylvia hint, don’t you? 😉 When we meet tomorrow, let’s leave them both at home

Did you know I took singing lessons as a child? Actually wanted to join a band but my parents quickly scolded that ambition out of me. They’ve retired to the village now. Serves them right 😉 – I’d probably have bought them houses abroad with my music royalties 🙂 Got so many smileys in this email. I think it is our date tomorrow that’s put me in such a good mood! Will sing for you tomorrow night, Sou. Speaking of voices, I probably haven’t heard you say a dozen sentences, but I’ve noticed something cute you do with your voice – its almost like a sigh but it is always there. Strange but cute… was it from your stroke? I have an uncle who had a minor stroke and it left him with that tiny slur.

About what I have in mind after 6pm… I’m so embarrassed! I’ve never taken this much initiative in a relationship, but you know what, we only live once. If I left it to you we’ll probably be at this till we’re sixty. It will be a surprise all right, just keep your night free, that’s all.

I truly love you, Sou.

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7 Replies to “An Email Affair (13 of 15)”

  1. Enna Inot says:

    Tell Raging Regi to slow down.She is too pushy ohh! She is already eating ogbono soup,when she hasn’t even bought the ingredients yet. ha! Na wa!

  2. Chuma says:

    😉 She probably belongs to the school of thought that believes in creating the future they want…

  3. kt says:

    Hmmm…..the plot thickens! Is this really how cheats do it? I’m learning a thing or two from this story! How do you make ‘low-down dirty’ sound so ‘clean’, Mr Chuma?

  4. Chuma says:

    @Kt… low-down dirty sound so clean? Nothing I’m doing KT, 😉 just human empathy, that’s all.

    Remember all those heist movies… for 120 minutes all you see and hear and feel are a dozen hoodlums planning an armed robbery. The bank employees are cardboard. The customers (we inclusive!) are cardboard. No wonder during the shootout at the end you are openly rooting for them – against the Police!


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