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Hello Regi,

I’m so sorry. And if it’s any comfort, I didn’t sleep a wink myself. I just couldn’t do it to Sylvia. I was lying there beside her at 2.15am, trying to fake the symptoms we planned, but I just couldn’t do it… I haven’t told you how we met… I had been kicked out of the faculty of Medicine in my third year. I’d just flunked the exams for the fourth time. I was broken, Regi, finished. All I wanted was to be a doctor and when that door closed, I just crashed. Did I love her? I’ll be honest, I didn’t, but I still don’t know what she saw in me either – I was just a bum – I’d go a week without a laundry, I didn’t comb, and I didn’t take lectures in the management class into which I had been shunted. I was just waiting for the June exams to be kicked out of school… but she worked a magic in me, Regi, that’s the truth. She made me see something in myself, possibilities, maybe… and by June I sat the management exams, just not to disappoint her. That’s why I am where I am today. I still look at doctors with envy… I still pass new clinics and think – my practice would have been way better… I guess when I first saw you in church… you were to my marriage what medicine would have been to my career. This morning, as I lay in bed, trying to fake a heart attack as we agreed, I.. I… reached out my hand a hundred times to wake Sylvia up, I swear, I just couldn’t!


But what about me, Sou? Did you think about me? Sylvia this and Sylvia that… what about me? You picked the time and place then you kept me waiting all morning! I did not sleep a wink! Why didn’t you have your silly second thoughts in time to spare my feelings? And what is all this about betraying poor Sylvia? What on earth are you drinking? All we planned was a real chat, for a change, that’s all, what were you thinking! – You said we can never talk because she always checks your phone… this morning was just an opportunity to hear our real voices for a change, to look ourselves in the eye! My God. I don’t want even to think of you again. Goodbye. To think I almost got involved with a worm like you, a failed medical student. You don’t even know the symptoms of a heart attack! Good riddance!

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