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I forgive you.


Don’t be so callous, Sou!

Please say it like you mean it. Did you really fall in love with me, that first time we met? My God, how super-spiritually you acted! I can’t believe you hid it so well. Think how much we’ve tortured ourselves in those four years! But can’t you see? Feelings as strong as ours can’t be neutral. It is either extreme love or hate. I like that Sylvia has been polite to you for fifteen years. I have been polite at my job for twenty! If I didn’t love you and you stood me up at 2am, I’d be snoring by 3am! You can’t have true love without heartbreak, without pain and jealousy. Come, Sou, let’s talk. I want nothing more than a chance to talk to you face-to-face. This email is so bloodless, so robotic, so unreal. I need to see your face and hear your voice. I need to see the expression in your eyes when you say those words to me. Do you understand? God, this is torture, Sou, to pass you today at the seminar with Silvia at your side and Ralph at mine and to smile and make that silly small talk about the accident on Eko Bridge, when what I really wanted to ask you was: am I still to your marriage dreams what medicine was to your career dreams?

If I am, Sou, let’s talk! Let’s see if dreams still come true…

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  1. Wawa says:

    This is what I call a mental f***. Oh! I so want to be polite.


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