My Money Grows like Grass
awele gi; for some it burns like grass

Dear #ManatEase (& Woman too),

I know it is the Tuesday in which you pour the concrete for the next floor of your new house so I won’t be long. I know that things are going well, and bless the Lord on your behalf. but mad men have gained your arsenals and it is the duty of this inconvenient voice to say that I have seen innocent twenty-storey buildings burn. Built over two decades, they did not take as many hours to raze. By all means, build, but take thought too for the Fire Next Time. Your land ails. If you own concrete, fetch water. Get involved.

the full stomach of neighbours
is better security for farms
than walls and dogs
and barbed

Let the Busy hear the wisdom that History speaks to the ears of her Children.

Your Forbears

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