How to Spell Naija 2
How to Spell Naija 2

At the end of the day, what Andrew Yakubu had was a storage problem: what to do with some ten million US dollars that he wasn’t using. Taking that kind of money into his local bank would trigger heart attacks left, right and centre. The Real Cornbeef, a character in a 2016 short story by Chuma Nwokolo had a similar headache:

 “Soon he had more money than there was water inside River Niger, until the hiding of the money became his full-time job… they started seizing his bank money so Cornbeef put his yen and dollars and pounds in drums and cartons and Ghana-mus’-go bags. He buried them in farms and coffins and soakaway pits. But he buried so many coffins that he forgot their graves and began to dig up dead people by mistake. And sometimes termites in the farms would eat more dollars than the taxman used to eat. And the dirty money he hid in his soakaways would really be smelling of shit…”

No 7 Poto Poto Street, (How to Spell Naija, Vol. 2)


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