Everyday of these #31DaysOfDecember I’ll share a #photo of #TheStreets and how it spoke to me. This is 1st December. Here’s the first photo. I’ll call this #AnthillOnOil. This was the Lagos-Ibadan expressway in the heat of the #ENDSARS protests. Trapped in the hold up, I was forced to hold a Zoom panel for the #PaGyaFest in Accra right behind the wheel.

This photo of the traffic has an “NNPC” signboard in the foreground warning folks not to excavate sand or build at that spot. Unfortunately, some termites – not being great readers – had done both.

This anthill on the savannah – sorry , expressway – is a great metaphor for the termite class astride our oily commonwealth and cried for a photograph.

Love to see your photos, these #31DaysOfDecember!

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