This is my sixth day of sharing pictures from the street . Today’s post is vintage #TruckPhilosophy: a bus driving around with the bumper legend “A good master deserves prayers”. Yet, consider Omenuko, the first Igbo novel by Pita Nwanna. It was about a rich trader who fell upon hard times while traveling on business, and who sold his apprentices into slavery to recoup his capital.

Bad ones too..

Clearly, those with evil masters should pray even harder for their bosses – for their own sake. If God can bless a good master, he can curse the evil. These days though, evil masters are taking no chances. They know how disloyal employees can get so they hold prayers in the office where they can weigh the sincerity of their employees’ amens. Such masters can do worse than borrow this comprehensive prayer from the Final Testament of a Minor God:

‘An Oga at the Top Says his Morning Prayers’

But many take issue with God’s timeline. While eternity is long enough to square every evil debt, there are prayerful folks who have plans for their here and now. Such people are anxious to offer, not just prayers, but urgent action – you know, Christmas hampers, letters of resignation, or electoral certificates of recall – as appropriate.

As in the days of Omenuko, journeying with the wrong master can prove fatal.

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