My #Day8 photograph is one of the most ubiquitous sights on the Nigerian road: the migrating cow. This picture was taken at Geregu, but from Bornu to Calabar, from Sokoto down to Lagos, cows follow their herdsmen loyally through desert and scrubland in search of greener pastures.

Sadly, the journey for most herds, despite the faithfulness of their followership, ends in the soup pot. There will be no dividends of democracy – sorry, migration.

One leader takes his followers hundreds of miles across the country in search of pasture. They are haunted by one problem: the human appetite for beef. But this problem does not equally affect leader and followers alike. For the followers, it is a fatal problem that will end in grief, in the bloodbath of an abattoir. For the herdsman, the problem is actually a business plan, which will make him a millionaire… but perhaps it is morally wrong to compare Africans to cows

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