Cars can be dangerous, so countries test and license car-makers; and drivers are tested and licensed to ensure the safety of the public.

Yet, while men can be infinitely more dangerous than cars, psychotics and racists are free to raise children who are by nurture incompatible with society. They are free to sequester their children from nursery school through to university, nurturing them on the pap of their psychosis-of-choice. They are free to loose dysfunctional adults on society, to perpetuate their vision of hatred and division, of murder and division.

If man owns country, everyone is free to make, remake, or unmake country in his own image – or psychotic delusion.

But if country also owns man, then such a country owes every child born within her borders a duty to guarantee that the tender shoots of childhood are not planted in racist fields, paddies of hatred, valleys of prejudice, or deserts of ignorance. Such a country owes an absolute duty to guarantee the qualitative physical and mental nurture of children, irrespective of the willingness or ability of the children’s birth parents. Such a country must be interested in the minimum content of her children’s dinner plate, in the minimum content of their education. be it publicly-funded, or privately-rendered by parents, foundations, businesses, or cults. Such a country must actively assess educational curricula for fitness, and where deficient, must either close and replace such schools, or supplement their curricula with core public modules, to the end that children grow into adulthood, planted in sunny fields that have expunged the deepest darkness of the human mind, and men will flower in their country with the passion, the love, and the commitment that their country sowed in them.

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