Okay, so I am a late adopter of technology, but I am getting there.

For my first YouTube video, I went back to the first poem I blogged here, Sudan. Sudan. (rendered without exclamations!) and blended in music and photographs. The photographs were mostly taken with my Canon 350D (which got me into a spot of bother with Sudan’s secret police, but that’s another story). But there are two exceptions: one photograph by Slovenian traveller, Tomo Kriznar, and another – of me – by… sorry I didn’t get his name. He was my Khartoum taxi-driver, I posed by a tree and he was kind enough to press the shutter. Nice shot by the way. Photography is easy. Especially with a point-and-shoot like a 350D set to easy-everything. Good thing I didn’t travel with the Mamiya RB67. Back to that YouTube thing:

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