Are there great, dark, stories that should never have been told? Most profoundly yes. There are tales of great artistic value that burn, irrestorably, their readers’ peace of mind. Tales that take their writers to an imaginative hell – and leave them there. Tales that etch a mortal blackness on the louvres of this vented world, where there had only been a dark fancy in the basement of a single human soul.

Will this counsel be heeded by the writer in the throes of black inspiration? Most profoundly not.

2 Replies to “Great Dark Stories of the World”

  1. Okiri Christopher says:

    There are always dark stories to tell. I, for one, is being persistently haunted by shadowy erotic tales. Now that this blog is pointing out the way, I guess it is time to get them out of me, or me out of them.


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