How does a Writer Retire

he make
a fist of his
& stitch them into a
boxing glove or something

does he play hip-hop all day,
to drown the growl of
his midnight

does he break pens and pencils
and bounce balls on walls in his
anger management classrooms?

does he
learn salsa?

perhaps  he  must  first  recant:
unwrite  his writings. undream
the  dreams  concreted  in  the
minds of men. plant a penitent
grove for tree trunks pulped to
mint  his  words  into  currency

perhaps he must first hang his conscience
in the yard, cremate the cadaver,
cast the poisoned ashes
down the gullet of
Gurara Falls
the emeritus,
to Tell Freedom in
banal books & songs & tales
that rumble potbellies with ribald laughter

that must
be it

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