The British National Party, chaired by Nick Griffin has a small problem on its hands: it has been required by court order to change its constitution in order to open its membership to Blacks and Asians. One can imagine the consternation of the 14,000 members of the far-right political party which is currently open only to Caucasians, which is against mixed marriage, and which campaigns for Blacks and Asians to be repatriated back to their countries of origin.

As a fringe party, the BNP is not totally irrelevant in British politics. From some 500 votes in the 1987 elections, it has gone up to attracting about 190,000 nationwide in 2005. It won some 5% of the votes in the London-wide vote in 2008 and won a seat in the hallowed London Assembly – with about 56 councillors nationwide.

The white-only membership of the BNP is at the heart of its identity. Its current constitution defines its potential membership with the particularity of an apartheid byelaw:

2) The indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of ‘Indigenous Caucasian’ consists of members of: i) the Anglo-Saxon folk community; ii) the Celtic Scottish folk community; iii) the Scots-Northern Irish folk community; iv) the Celtic Welsh folk community; v) the Celtic Irish folk community; vi) the Celtic Cornish folk community; vii) the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic folk community; viii) the Celtic-Norse folk community; ix) the Anglo-Saxon-Norse folk community; x) the Anglo-Saxon Indigenous European folk community; xi) members of these ethnic groups which reside either within or outside Europe but ethnically derive from them.

And yet the compulsion to open up the party membership will hardly transform the party. There can’t be that many Black and Asian masochists pining for the opportunity to spend their free weekends in the midst of angry ethno-exclusivists debating how best to run them out of town. In any case, the road that leads to full BNP membership is fraught. There are those two years of funding the party before earning the right to vote at BNP meetings, and the full five years before qualifying to challenge Nick Griffin for his job as party chairman.

So, to get its token black members (and earn a pass-mark from its nemesis, the Equality and Human Rights Council,) the BNP might actually have to make an effort. That is why I suggest the following advertising copy:


Are you a victim? Have you been swamped by alien immigrants? Have you lost your land, your homes and your benefits? Have your women been seduced and married by alien races? Have you become a second class citizen in your own land? Is your very culture now threatened by foreign cultures from across the seas? Don’t be a silent victim! Join us today!!

These are some of the sentiments that the BNP taps into across Britain, but if he uses this copy, Griffin will find that the words have such resonance across the world that, for every ten new membership enquiries he receives, only a couple will be from his ethnically pure Caucasian demographic. – But if he embraces his new members, and campaigns effectively for them, he will find a lot more ‘ethnically pure’ Britons heading home to balance out his immigration worries over the ‘browning’ of Britain.

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