Meeting a Pacesetter

Yemi Sikuade

Author of 'Sisi', Yemi Sikuade


She was in the audience at my Patabah reading on Saturday 8th February, 2013.

On the 15th of February, 2014, she was also there at my reading at Quintessence Stores, Ikoyi, only this time, we spoke afterwards. She was of course, Yemi Sikuade, author of Sisi, a novel in Macmillan’s Pacesetter Series which was published in 1981. Before now, I suspect the only fellow Pacesetter novelist I have met was Agbo Areo who was also our editor at Macmillan at the time (and whose novel, Director! kicked off the series in 1977).

So yes, lots to talk about when we finally found a moment after the Terra Kulture event with Lola Shoneyin and Toni Kan…

Did you read this book?

4 thoughts on “Meeting a Pacesetter”

  1. Is she aware that she wrote the most romantic book from Africa?
    I love it so much I have read it 1000 times. I first read it when I was in Uganda in 1992 and even bought myself a copy and still do occasionally read it when I am low in spirit.

  2. Please is there any way I can get the book? My Mom gave it to me while I was a teenager and I read it to the point that some pages got missing. 20 years now, I still miss the book – Sisi. Purchasing an e-copy will be a blessing.

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