50 Queries for the Nigerian Godfather

Is ‘godfather’ a totally dirty word? Are there good godfathers who don’t want anything (much) in return for their political godfatherhood, who are happy with the odd Ghana-mus-go at Christmas don’t stop now… read on!

Why South Africa is not really a Country

History starts everyday. 2010’s rash of 50th anniversaries is another opportunity for African nations (some more urgently than most) to look again with an objective blend of subjectivity at their most-referenced bastion of identity, the Name. don’t stop now… read on!

On Kenya

The first thing a national leader does, on the day after he ‘wins’ 51% of the vote, is to make a speech wooing the 49% who campaigned and voted against him. How on earth does a ‘leader’ bring on board the survivors of people he has vicariously run through with a spear? don’t stop now… read on!