50 Queries for the Nigerian Godfather

Is ‘godfather’ a totally dirty word? Are there good godfathers who want nothing (much) in return for their political patronage, who are happy with the odd Christmas/Sallah Ghana-mus’-go bag? Or don’t stop now… read on!

Why we are no Longer at Ease

Let us dream a simple dream made fantastic by our present circumstances. don’t stop now… read on!

George (Mungo Park) Bush

I prefer tomorrows to yesterdays, but tomorrow is not yet available. I’d rather read the future (newspapers published in 181 years time) than history, but this is the next best thing: for the best way to predict 2189 is to go back to 1827. Which, by the way, was a vintage year for cautionary tales for sons who aspire to ‘bring closure’ to the ventures of their fathers. don’t stop now… read on!

On Kenya

The first thing a national leader does, on the day after he ‘wins’ 51% of the vote, is to make a speech wooing the 49% who campaigned and voted against him. How on earth does a ‘leader’ bring on board the survivors of people he has vicariously run through with a spear? don’t stop now… read on!