'...boulders of a broken god...'

on the shoulders
of the mountain of Laas Geel:

of a broken god,
on her journey to the plains.

Crevices of stone
decant their

by the elements,
denuded by her foes,


in hues of
cows and kudu, she
is painted by her sons,

with hadhuubs
of peace she is watered
by her daughters

till, from the grave
of dead gods, great
folk emerge

2 Replies to “The Children of Laas Geel”

  1. Ibrahim Ganiyu says:

    Interesting words, “Completing” pictures. Somaliland must be a truly inspiring place. Any chance of “lapping” me on your next trip there? Nice one Oga mi!

  2. Mohamoud Walaaleye says:

    Somaliland’s untold chattels need to be preserved for history, though, UNESCO failed to execute its mandate! Viva somaliland


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