Metamorphosis 2

 The Cloud Appreciation Society has this book, The Pig with Six legs. The book cover is a photograph of a cloud that looks like a pig with six legs. The book collects similar look-alikes.

The human is an inverterate pattern-seeker. In this piece by Angie Phillip, (A4, gouache and acrylic on black card ) I thought I saw two eyes staring out at me…. 

In human communications the voice and eyes seem to me to hold the truest clues to sincerity.  Those ‘eyes’ sent me off on a poetic tangent :

(Inspired by Metamorphosis 2,
a painting by Angie Phillip)

you stare astounded at my own astonished eyes.
for once, at last, we see.
soon, to feuds and warring clans,
may come this antidote more radical than guns,
more mind-blowing than drugs,
more  harrowing, truly more harrowing – and


nothing more drastic than truly to see the enemy
and his blood; simply to look unblinkingly –
not through our usual black-and-white filters – 
but to stare astounded. to stare, and stare until
the truth of sight becomes a mirror to our soul.
until we feel the mettle of his blues, read his face’s  
panoply of hues, his draining pools of dreams, and the
streaks of tears and rust…

so that when his blood
comes spurting redly at our thrust we cannot look
away.  no. and we will own his pain as


©Chuma Nwokolo, Jr.  (2008)

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