The writing life begins like this:
with a thought, a pencil, & a penchant for isolation.
But where does it end?
In room full of us.

Next week, at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, I will preview my new collection of poems, my first since Memories of Stone was published in 2006.  Like the short story anthology, How to Spell Naija in etc, it is a ‘Nigeria Centenary Project’, so (naturally) it contains a hundred poems.

See you there. Reading @ Terra Kulture, Victoria Island

Oh… and I frontload the racier stuff, so if you are just twenty minutes late, I’ll be done with the salacious  and we’ll have ourselves a great time as usual!


2 Replies to “The final testament of a minor god”

  1. Edward Ntephe says:

    Chuma, the excerpt you posted on Facebook is stirring stuff. I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of it & the other 99 poems.

  2. Chuma says:

    Eddie, glad it connected. Your folks are the masters of the njakiri! I know you probably can’t make the Terra Kulture reading, but keep your diary free for the Africa Writes fest in July.


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