Human Trafficking.

Chika Unigwe’s recent novel, On Black Sister’s Street, puts some faces on the issues. Yet, the choices that are exercised by the victims of Human Trafficking vary widely: from those seduced by promises of a better life to others who are kidnapped in the first place. All are trapped in situations of inhuman exploitation. All the ingredients of the Great Slave Trade are present: especially a criminal immorality that sits beneath the radar of popular outrage.

Human Trafficking is  a catchall for a wide variety of turpitude, not all of which is sexual.

No country is innocent of the odium of H.T. – some countries are Sources, other are Transit or Destination countries. A few are all three, and we are all essential partners in the fight to end this shameful vestige of slavery.

Here is essential reading if you need to plug into the issues.

Chuma Nwokolo

3 Replies to “The Greatest Shame of the 21st Century is…”

  1. chika says:

    Thanks, Chuma, for drawing attention to this issue. when young women are forced to flee their countries and turn up in a bidding house in brussels, paraded naked and auctioned off, then something is terribly wrong with our world and we cannot simply ignore it. these women are our sisters, our friends , our fellow humans

  2. Chuma says:

    And yet, Ignore it we have. Interesting how piffling things like the weather regularly make a clean sweep of important headlines that ought to define our times…


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