“I should like to know if you have any higher goals beyond the daily satisfaction of your bodily needs,” she said.

“Well,” he fingered the key fob of his Mercedes uncertainly, “I am already blessed. I just want a happy family… I want a beautiful wife and four children – two boys and two girls. And they can study anything… but to PhD level. That’s a must. I really don’t know what you mean by ‘higher goals’, Nne, because I am already a…” he shrugged, “…a billionaire, sorry to boast. I just want us to be happy…”

“I see it in your eyes,” she smiled gently: “the glazed contentment of a python digesting his meal. I’m afraid I have to let you go, Alpho. What excites me in a man is the fire in his eyes: that is my aphrodisiac, that male… burning to kill dragons, to change the world for the better. Being in such company is what makes me alive. I am sorry I will only make you miserable. With you I feel like a…” she shrugged, “…like a Mercedes in a garage, I’m sorry to say. I was born for the open road, Alphonso. I cannot be happy with a man who merely wants to be happy.’


2 Replies to “The Husband Interviews”

  1. John Mozie says:

    Love it! Reminds me of Portia’s speech to her suitors in Merchant of Venice: “…had you been as wise as bold, young in limbs but in judgement old,..your suite is cold”
    And I ask myself, what happened next?

  2. Nwokolo Chuma says:

    What happens next… not a clue! It’s a character sketch so the piece is done, unless either of them pops up in some random fiction down the line 🙂


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