This is how our forefathers did it: they walked with us.

Although they rowed their boats alone, we were the souls that drove them on. They did not lay waste their creeks and forests because they belonged to us. They could not soil their name because it was ours as well. They took hold of their inheritance of earth, harvesting fruit from trees they did not plant, and sowing trees whose fruit they would not eat, to the end that we, lonely workers of these rich acres, will never forget that we are not alone.

4 Replies to “The Old Ways”

  1. Chima Etoh says:

    How much more can few words as these convey. For me it’s the selflessness, a term I doubt will be attached to us by our own children when they tell stories about us

  2. Akeem says:

    This is sagacious. they knew the joys of finding a fire far out at sea; mooring, they kept a piece of healthy incendiary that ancestors after them, travelling may find for challenge, marooned may find for hope


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