Upon finishing 'The End of the Beginning'

New beginnings

New beginnings

I like this feeling, on finishing a tale, that I have just written what may be my best story yet. I have felt it many times before, and it has almost always faded, sometimes as early as the Morning After, when the story fits, spine-out, into the long, polygamous bookcase of once-fancied tales. Mostly it is the product of a short memory of written things when the new tale competes with no more than half-a-dozen remembered ones. But it is good, this sense of wonder upon first sitting back to appraise a finished draft. When it stops coming, I will stop writing.

3 thoughts on “Upon finishing 'The End of the Beginning'”

  1. I agree, Chuma. It is the wonder of creation. One feels that godly feeling every now and then. You know that feeling, when God saw everything that He had made, and thought it was very good. We should really stop creating words when we stop feeling it. After all, God has stopped.

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