The Final Testament of a Minor God (Ebook)


The Final Testament of a Minor God

“I will
tell you how
big a deal I am, he said:

the god
you worship
brings his tithes to Me” (Neocolonial Njakiri, The Final Testament of a Minor God)

The Final Testament of a Minor God is Chuma Nwokolo’s second poetry anthology containing a hundred poems on a wide variety of themes. It was published in 2014, in time for the centenary of Nigeria’s amalgamation.

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1.     This Land is Mine

2.     Four-Letter Word

3.     A Revolutionary Waits for a Sign

4.     A Cappella

5.     Prayer before Flight

6.     Jos Dancing

7.     Poverty is first of all, Mental

8.     Home for Sundered Lumps

9.     Runaway

10.   Soothsaying 101

11.   Bombs and Churning Milk

12.   Leaf-Fall

13.   On Contemplating 43

14.   Bric-a-Brac from a Life left Suddenly

15.   War Crimes

16.   This is How our Forefathers Did it:

17.   Freud’s Couch

18.   A Portrait of Niger as a Young Stream

19.   Kissing Stone

20.   Upon Rains Falling Comprehensively

on Asaba

21.   Kamikaze

22.   Only When I Laugh

23.   The Thirst of the Riverbed

24.   Old Rooms

25.   Blood Beneath the Beauty

26.   Say You are a Writer, Too

27.   Funeral for Words

28.   Braille

29.   Grandfather Clock

30.   Sphinx

31.   Port  Soif

32.   Eyes

33.   Casualties

34.   Neocolonial Njakiri

35.   Second Sight

36.   An Evening with the Kazims

37.   Journeying

38.   Sudan, Sudan

39.   Funeral of Dead Gorilla

40.   Talking Sudan

41.   Fluting in Bass

42.   Telling Poems from Pottage

43.   Succession

44.   Biophotonic Ode

45.   It Started out a Dream

46.   The Taxi Back

47.   A Little Ode to Small Idols

48.   She Buried the Hatchet

49.   Anniversary of the Firstborn

50.   It is in the Nature of Nations

to Eat their Young





51.   The Widow and the Sloth

52.   Teen Date

53.   Praise for the Working Dead

54.   Ode to the Manifesto

55.   Mangoseed

56.   A River Memo

57.   The Penitence of Fire

58.   Sums from the DMS

59.   Child of the Raging Fire

60.   A Requiem for Rage

61.   The Hungry Road
62.   Why (Sane) Poets have only 23
Hours a Day

63.   Renascent Man

64.   Identity

65.   The Sum of Small Things

66.    2 + Phone = Crowd

67.    Cannibalising Chi

68.    A Lagos Lazarus

69.    The Earthing

70.    The War this Time

71.    A Short Memo to an Endangered Bee

72.    How to Make a (Small) Country

73.    The Mourning After

74.    A God Resigns

75.    An Oga at the Top Says his
Morning Prayers

76.    Pencilwork, near Paper

77.    The Arithmetic of Life & Death

78.    Carved on Tree (& Deciphered

79.    Where does the Mob Go

when the Job is Done

80.    An Autobiography might End like this

81.    Morality vs. Voice

82.    Armchair Activists

83.    The Short-Memoried One

84.    Mamudo 42 – Buni Yadi 59

85.    Wayonomics 101 (the 4 Maxims

86.    The Penitence of Snow

87.    Broken Heart Metaphors (No. 68)

88.    The Children of Laas Geel

89.    Anniversary

90.    Oil Wars

91.    Alien Corn

92.    Of that First Night without Madiba

93.    Notes  on the News

94.    Kofi Awoonor

95.    The Zebra Crossing Mystery

96.    A Tree Called Samson

97.    The Final Testament of a Minor God

98.    The Courting of Adieleuwa

99.     The Poet & the Daemon
100.   Extinction





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