How to Spell Naija, Vol. 2 (Ebook)


How to Spell Naija 2

How to Spell Naija in 100 Short Stories, Vol.2
Short Story Anthology Published July, 1st 2016
ISBN: 978-978-2190-17-8 (print) 406 pp 116mm x 180mm
Gwandustan Publishers
The now completed compedium, How to Spell Naija in 100 Short Stories, was planned to mark the 100th year of Nigeria’s unification in 2014 and in format, ambition and achievement, is unparalleled in Nigerian letters.




A midnight call by an assassin to his prospective victim quickly becomes a game of wits in a telephone thriller impossible to second-guess [We Have Been Paid to Kill You]. On his deathbed, the Founding Overseer confesses to his wife that his visions were false and their ministry a 30-year hoax. She’s devastated – but fate isn’t halfway through with her [Re:Vision]
This second volume of How to Spell Naija in 100 Short Stories contains the final 50 stories and raises the high bar set by the first. These tales boldly range over Nigeriana, with kidnappers, houseboys, bishops and suicide bombers wreaking domestic and hilarious havoc in the lush terrain of Nwokolo’s imagination.
The tales are set in the future and in the present, in the Diaspora, in urban and small-town Nigeria, and in the author’s fictional Waterside. Once again, Nwokolo’s sure-handed humour and earthy style brings an amazing and unforgetable cast of characters to life.

“To say that Chuma Nwokolo is a great writer is an understatement. He is an author whose works have souls. They speak to the reader. They are both ‘novel’ and familiar. In a sense, he presents everyday issues with a different insight; one that illuminates the reader’s mind and brings to him that wonderful epiphanic aha! moment. He is able to turn everyday events into stories worth the read.”
Fredua Agyeman, reviewing Vol.1

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